Jun. 5th, 2015

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Thinking about the question. Most zines count as 1/2 a book based on word count. Some of the digests barely count as a 1/4 book (rip off city). I was dusting my shelves and came across a zine that was made exactly like a book. It is a beautiful thing entitled Blood and Destiny in the Starsky & Hutch fandom. Truly a magnificent achievement and it destroyed my ability to read in Starsky & Hutch because the stories were so dark and bloody. It has small print and is over 500 pages and if I ever try to read in Starsky & Hutch again I shall start with that zine and plow my way through. On the other hand, I never could read stories where the boys were down right cruel to each other. Same with Pros...Kitty Fisher's stories and the Gael were too dark and mean for my taste. Those Priapus zines for example eeeeek. I was remembering my obsession with S&H fandom and how fixed my need for them to be good to each other in every story. Schmoop city. That one book threw me for a loop and tainted my view of the boys somehow. Of course, by the time I got to that book I had read every zine ever printed in that fandom and had thousands of stories on my hard drive. I was moaning to Dana Austin Marsh, who was then holding Starsky & Hutch get togethers, about my inability to read S&H and there I was with 400 zines. She handed me a bunch of fifth gen vcr tapes and a few zines with The Professionals and set me on my way and I learned how someone could become a serial fandom groupy. Four hundred more zines later and boxes filled with two page Circuit stories and I was almost ready to start reading books from my library and then Lew died and fandom just went away for a while. I could read darker fiction in Pros than I could in S&H. What was strange was my first fandom was X-Files and I could read really dark stuff in that one but when I moved to S&H I was vanilla. I think what you read has everything to do with the personalities of your OTP almost more than your personal emotional triggers except in all fandoms there are lines I cannot cross in my reading or rather choose not to cross.


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