Jul. 17th, 2015

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News lately had President Obama making a speech/news comment about Bill Cosby and my reaction was...isn't there a better use of the man's time. Why was it necessary for him to speak to that issue at all. The man has a finite amount of time to do all the things necessary to improve life in the USA for all its citizens. The country is swimming in big problems, financial, international, jobs, housing, health, jails full, schools failing, fights over immigration. His job is to sign stuff into law and comment on the big picture. Is it necessary for him to take time from his incredible schedule to talk about individual American lawbreakers simply because they are famous to start with. This is pandering to the media and the court of public opinion which declared Cosby guilty long ago. If there is a trial...how can it be fair or unbiased. So they want to take his award away...do it after the courts find him guilty. All of this kerfuffle reminds me of the twitter campaign to take away Bruce Jenner/Caitlin Jenner's medals as though he had not won them fair and square thirty years ago. You cannot live your life retroactively. A lot of of problems these days are because we spend so much time apologizing for past actions of our ancestors and making amends to the current generation for what happened to the fifth or sixth generation back. If we did that for every cause on the books the world would come to an end. The squeaky wheel and all that. I am not saying forget the past but close the door and move on. We spend an inordinate amount of time and energy and money on expiation while current problems are ignored and go unresolved.


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