Oct. 13th, 2015

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Days of watching fan vids and must admit maybe I have too much familiarity with my best fandoms but as I watched my collection, I listed my favourites (wishing I could make a compilation of only those) it became clear that the best of the lot were Highlander Methos/Duncan. Now the thing about Highlander is I never saw the entire series so I have no coherent canon story line in my head. It was not one of my 'fandoms'. I do love Methos/Alex Krycek fan fiction stories and I wish for a DVD set with only the Methos episodes. The one vid that I have on disk and can find no place else which I would dearly love to have on my cell phone for repeated watching is 'Code of Silence' a Highlander - Methos vid. I would throw money at someone who could/would sell me a good copy of that I can copy to my computer. It really is just too difficult to prop up tiny tv/vcr combo on stool to put in vhs tapes and play them these days. On the other hand, I do haul them out periodically (once every five years) and have a marathon of watching.

Most of my video collection were made before sofware made it easy enough for anyone to do it and many of them are incredible efforts. Beth Cambre, Barbara Phillips, Mary Van Duesen, Morgan Dawn, Kassidy, Flamingo. Watching them all makes me want to dive into fandom and read...I need to be four or five people so I can do it all at the same time. I am like a donkey between two bales of hay...frozen.

Not going to explain anxiety, I am working through it with the vids but am not clear of it yet.


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