Apr. 7th, 2017

New Year

Apr. 7th, 2017 03:55 pm
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Been a while. Reading a lot. Worried about Kiernan who has just spent a month in hospital with no end in sight. Started my New Year reading Tarlan's Waiting for The Axe to Fall. One reason was Voyager Endgame was on television in the last week of 2016 which made me want to read this favourite. I usually read it once a year. Bagged Christmas trees and put in laundry room. I do not take bulbs and decorations off tree...laziness personified.

Diet is difficult...I am hungry. Must cut back further on carbs.

Second book of the year A Princess Diarist...Carrie Fisher...really good but short. Her previous books Shockaholic and Wishful Drinking were better. Currently reading Without Knowing Mr. Walkley in which she is writing about Wiltshire and mentions Stephen Tennant which means I plan to read Serious Pleasures Stephen Tennant's bio and just ordered Siegfried Sassoon A Life.

I am shocked by the prices of books in Canada these days.

Hoping to make a deal with a cleaner to go in and scrub down my son's apartment while he is in hospital...without asking him...because I know he will refuse to allow it.

Got the name of the rehab hospital in Toronto that they are trying to get Kiernan into but right now they are suffering the same flu epidemic every other hospital is dealing with and I want this hospital to get him out of bed and on his feet before they send him off somehere else.

It is cold -15C wind chill and Sunday is going to be -21C. The downside to having a dog is it is compulsory to go out six times into the teeth of blinding snow storms.

I have so much to catch up on...all my Fat Secret entries to be transferred to Live Journal.
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Ken is still in hospital. Since December 7 he was in Toronto Western and on February 27th they moved him to a rehab hospital and gave him 75 days. He has lost a little over 100 pounds and losing weight has slowed and now that he can get himself into his wheelchair he is cheating at tuck shop in hospital. His legs still don't work so he cannot stand or walk. He went for a nerve test and the result is the nerves should regenerate but it will take till Christmas. That is also dependent on his continuing to lose weight and keep his blood sugars normal otherwise he doesn't have a prayer. He also has vertigo which interferes with physio. They are sending him home in 21 days and if he cannot make his legs and feet work he is helpless to live alone. I am beside myself. My other son has been sick with a cold in sinus and chest for three solid weeks with no end in sight because he works in a freezer so hard that he takes ten T-shirts to work to strip off as each gets soaked with sweat.

I just had emergency dental work on Saturday April 1st and fasted all weekend to let clot stay. My dog has had a form of diarrhea off and on for a month and it finally normalized two days ago.

I managed to lose 70 pounds on Atkins but lost momentum on December 7th and by Saturday April 1 had regained 25 solid pounds. Am trying again. Not spending any time on social media but I do check in if I get an email or a blog notification. I always answer my mail. Very strange that my sister has dropped off my radar in the last year...you would think the older I get the more she would try to stay in touch often but it is the reverse.

I did the income taxes for the three of us and paid my bill (on a credit card). Then paid the dentist on a credit card. If I do not want to be in debt at end of the month I cannot afford to eat this entire month...blew entire budget on those two items plus getting Ashley groomed. That appointment was six months old and she was looking terrible so I did not cancel it to save money.

I am spending my days in the UK from 1900 to present day reading diaries, journals, biographies, autobiographies and letters of the tentacled monster that was Bloomsbury. It is like eating peanuts...one leads to another.

I am still watching NCIS, NCIS New Orleans, the tenth Dr. Who is on at midnight every day, Designated Survivor, Broadchurch, Saving Hope, Bull, X-Files and Buffy this past month.

Yesterday more bad news, Ken's tablet the only thing keeping him sane will not take a charge. His computer geek friend Craig is going to look for a cheap laptop for him and that will cost me. So I call him and he is depressed and now Craig writes that he is stressed. WTF?

I rented a car last month, how could I forget that? I drove with Brandon to Ken's and his place was disgusting...Brandon and I spent two hours filling garbage bags and swabbing the deck and we did not even make a dent. I took a lot of cleaning supplies so when Ken goes home and can supervise..I will pay some Extreme Clean company to go in and clean it. I am hoping CCAC will help him get the chair with wheels he needs to access his kitchen, the commode he needs now that he cannot get into his own bathroom, send in nurse to bandage his feet and someone to empty the commode and keep him clean. Tools, he needs tools to enable him to live alone without the use of his legs. It is a bloody nightmare.

Actually, with all that is going on I am actually doing very well and rolling with the punches and feeling pretty good...so yay me.
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Nerves are our connection to the outside world, relaying information about what’s around us to our brain. There might be a thousand or more nerve endings in a square inch of skin, all exposed to daily wear and tear. “The nerves in your skin are constantly being injured and regrowing,” says Gordon Smith, MD, a neurologist at the University of Utah. “They’re the foot soldiers of the nervous system, absorbing a great deal of the physical insult our bodies encounter every day.”
The nerves in the feet are the most vulnerable, because they have the farthest to travel: A single nerve fiber may stretch from your toe to your backbone, plugging into the spinal column not far from your belly button. “It’s like the Alaska oil pipeline—it’s a pretty big deal, and it takes a lot to maintain it. If there’s stress or injury, the part of the pipeline that’s farthest away absorbs the damage,” Smith says.
Under normal circumstances, nerve cells are surprisingly resilient. For people with diabetes, though, this resilience can decline or disappear, making nerve cells more fragile and less able to regrow when they’re damaged.
Accumulated nerve cell injury equals neuropathy, a common condition (about half of people with diabetes will have it at some point in their lives) with symptoms including pain, numbness, and loss of balance. It’s often part of a group of problems, including uncontrolled blood glucose and poor healing and circulation, that can escalate to the point where foot amputation is necessary. Diabetic neuropathy is one of the most common complications of diabetes, and one of the most costly and damaging. Estimates are that health care costs connected with neuropathy add up to well over $10 billion a year in the United States.
What is it about diabetes that makes neuropathy such a problem? Research has shown that hyperglycemia, or high blood sugar, causes nerves to degenerate. But hyperglycemia is not the only risk factor. “In the setting of diabetes, obesity seems to significantly increase one’s risk of neuropathy,” Smith says.
In recent experiments funded in part by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) involving people with type 2 diabetes, Smith has shown that exercise-related weight loss can temporarily slow neuropathy and encourage nerves to regrow, increasing the regeneration rate by 30 percent. “Those who lost weight or whose A1C got better are the ones who improved,” he says.
The cause and effect can be complex. Does obesity cause type 2 diabetes and thus neuropathy? Or does diabetes come first? One condition, after all, might contribute to the other. “If you have very bad foot pain and are unable to exercise, that might make you more likely to be overweight,” Smith points out.
To better understand how weight loss helps nerves stay in good shape, Smith is now working with patients about to undergo gastric bypass surgery. Other studies have shown that the weight-loss operation—which restructures the digestive system to bypass parts of the stomach and small intestine—leads not just to weight loss but to an almost immediate improvement in the body’s ability to produce and respond to insulin. In many cases, surgical patients with type 2 diabetes are able to immediately stop using or greatly reduce blood glucose–lowering medications. “It provides an ideal opportunity to look at the effects of weight loss and the correction of diabetes on nerve regeneration,” Smith says. “Our hope is that between that and looking at blood markers, we can understand the disease mechanism.”
Smith makes use of capsaicin, a compound familiar to any hot-sauce fan. It’s the stuff in chili peppers that “burns” the tongue. When applied to the skin, it damages nerve cells, causing them to retract from the skin surface.
With the help of another ADA grant, Smith is recruiting 50 people without neuropathy symptoms headed for weight-loss surgery—25 with diabetes, 25 without. In the time leading up to the operation, he takes a tiny sample of skin and underlying tissue from each patient’s thigh. Then he applies a capsaicin patch to the area, waits 48 hours, and takes another sample. The capsaicin simulates nerve damage that accompanies neuropathy. The biopsies can be repeated after the first and third months to determine the rate at which nerves regrow.
The patients go on to have gastric bypass surgery, and Smith monitors the impact on nerve function. Six months later, the nerve regeneration rate is measured again. The goal is to compare the progress of the patients with and without diabetes and to see if weight loss and metabolic improvement affect nerve regeneration.
One of Smith’s goals is to show that capsaicin is a tool that may be useful in future neuropathy research. But more important, understanding the relationship among obesity, diabetes, and nerve damage could help Smith and others treat or even prevent neuropathy in the future.
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It has been a strange and stressful few months. Bea was in Florida for a month and dog has stress colitis every time I am out of her site. My reaction to advice from her breeder and both my ex-husbands is negative in the extreme. Feels like pressure and/or criticism. So I have not been telling my troubles to anyone not even my Live Journal or Dreamwidth. I haven't checked Tumblr in months. I am still checking my Facebook every day and as a break from reading I do go and play on Pinterest. I cannot concentrate well enough for crosswords. Not playing solitaire or mahjong. My right wrist is still hurting after months...looks like this is a permanent ache...it affects my typing. Joined a book club and go on first Tuesday of every month...so far so good. Not reading any fan fiction at all and my piles of zines fill me with guilt. Christmas went well and I am not wallowing in the dumps. I want to get back on my diet. It did not help that Fran made 40 pounds of fruitcake and gave me one...a full 4 pounds of deliciousness. As long as I do not drink I think I might be able to get back on track. I am terrified of crossing 200 pounds again. How can I encourage Ken to stay on diet if I am falling off daily. I ate every chocolate in the apartment in the month of March.
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I am still trying to figure out what password is for my Live Journal and get this blog to crosspost.
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Crosspost test


Apr. 7th, 2017 05:08 pm
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Just visited Live Journal and they have been updating/tampering with the formula. I am way behind in posting to it and need to play catch up. I am hoping this cross post will work this time. Hope I entered the correct password. The older I get the less patience I have...time has become a very valuable commodity. Brandon needs to get a health card. I sent him address of a Service Canada outlet that is open on Saturday mornings....won't hold my breath. Wonder what will happen if he makes a trip to hospital without a valid card. Bea gets her new Escape on Saturday and her old car is going to be donated to a charity (not me).
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