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My generation is dropping like flies. My aunt's generation is passing 100... Another funeral just days before a reunion. Life is so weird. The man who died (younger than I), with his wife Shan, bred standard poodles. I was spending time entering data in the Poodle Pedigree database this morning and on a whim put in his kennel name and nothing appeared. None of his dogs had been entered. So I wrote to his daughter offering to enter everything if she gets the paperwork together. I think I have lost my mind...maybe hold my breath that she says no. On the other hand, it could be a winter project. She will be cleaning out his house and something should be done with the paperwork on the dogs..organize it and put it up with their peers.

I hardly rebound from one death when there is another. I hardly had time to catch my breath from Renate and Mac and Mal. I hope the rest of the year is clear.

Other than that I am having a wonderful summer. The weather has been just perfect for me. I got my cat tattoo, I pigged on birthday and have since lost the weight again. My reading challenge with Goodreads is going swimmingly...220 books so far this year...I will have to switch my goal number higher pretty soon.

Diet is going well...68 pound loss but whenever there is a death I think...for goodness sake eat cake you never know when it will be your last chance.

Bea is away at cottage so I shall drive her car to funeral...have to take Ash-Leigh but this is a poodle family and she will be accepted...unlike Lena who didn't want me to take her into the funeral home where John lay in state so I didn't get to spend any time with any of the family. It was January and the car was freezing so I could not leave her in it and this time it is hot as Hades and I cannot leave her in it. I will finally get to meet Charlotte, Andy's granddaughter and check out my old house.

Otherwise, no news. The television has been off for weeks. Never even turn it on for weather. Last time it was on I was watching Buffy DVDs. I am up to season seven last disk and then I plan to watch season five of Angel and then Dresden..while I crochet a new liner for Ash-Leigh's favourite coat...okay my favourite coat for her.

I wrote Helen to ask why Ashanti was the only one of her dogs that never went for Am CH and she wrote back: We got Ashley when she was close to 6 mos old and Kim started showing her right away. She finished very fast in 3 or 4 shows. Kim took her down to US shows but she started putting her tail down in the ring so we decided that she didn’t like travelling and being
groomed so much so we retired her. It is expensive to show dogs and I won’t do
it if the dog doesn’t want this.

So, that was the explanation. She went on to have seven puppies. Three of them became Can/Am CH with top ranks, those three had offspring that also became Am/Can CH and also on into the next generation so the bloodline is great and there were a couple that became #1 top poodle in Canada with lots of Best in Shows. I am really interested in this stuff at the moment because I am reading Laurien Berenson's Melanie Travis mysteries about Melanie and her black standard poodle Faith going to dog shows to try and win her points. Then on top of that there is Andy and his Khairoh Kennels breeding champion standards and memories of Starsky the runt of a litter that almost died and was considered unsellable so he was given to me to raise and he turned out great. Not the smartest poodle but he got his obedience championship and was a wonderful companion for almost thirteen years. That is what are floating around reading Buffy graphic novels in between cosy mysteries about pit bulls, pet sitters, blacksmiths and malamutes or crocheting scarves, watching Buffy and trolling through Pinterest, Facebook and Tumblr and before you know it you are immersed in the dog fancy.


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