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Subj:Re: [Zinelist] Pros
Date:04/20/2004 11:03:02 AM Eastern Daylight Time

It must also be taken into consideration that UNCLE aired world wide. It was
a big presence in Canada which NEVER saw the Professionals at all except in one small area.
As someone said in a previous post, the Professionals has done better than any other
fandom considering its lack of distribution. It is really easy to write new
stuff when the show you are writing about has been on television in reruns for
the entire 25 years all over the world.

The other comment about Professionals being written before being seen is
extraordinary. In most, if not all, fandoms there are always a few who write
without having seen...based on previously read fan fiction. But for new writers
in this age of net, it is almost compulsory to have at least SEEN the show
before attempting to being god as we all know.

As a newcomer to Pros fiction I am (being primarily a book fanatic and print
fiend) collecting all the zines and printing out the stories to read. There
is just SOOOOO much to read and new fen like me do not need new fiction (or
will not for at least another year :-). However, new fiction is being written.
Not as prolifically as other fandoms but new zines are being produced in Pros
(as in S&H) and without all the S&H movie hype newbies are still arriving in
The Professionals fandom. Most older fen remain very loyal and still check in on the fandom
and take care of it. Pros has the best story archive system of any fandom I have encountered to date (including X-Files which is primarily a net
phenomenon). Much love and care from day one has gone into this fandom's life and in my
first year as a newbie I have not seen (on any list) any of the shark infested
horrors that I experienced in my first year in Starsky & Hutch fandom. It
might be that my skin is thicker and I understand list culture better and what
might have crushed me then now runs off my back like water off a duck. I have
found my on-list voice and I quickly recognize the posters who are potential
minefields to deal with. There are witches and bitches in every fandom and it
pays to sit back and learn to recognize them and THEN decide to avoid or tackle

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