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07 October 2015
I cannot believe we are 1/4 the way through October already. The days are flying. Ash is wearing her orange acknowledgement to fall and pumpkin time. I am still shredding files but it is slow because I have to handle every piece of paper and make sure I can part with it. Yesterday I got rid of a bunch of old tax forms for my youngest son but first I listed all of the different addresses, phone numbers and how much he made each year and where he worked. So between note taking and going off to do other things the boxes stay littering the living room floor. Then I went to my library software only to find that I stopped entering stuff at January 2014 so I have two years worth of books that I have read (and for my 2015 challenge I have already read 280 books)that need to be entered into the database. I was all gungho when I bought the software. I was going to put all the books I ever read/owned into the database but I ran out of steam and interest. I have just read too many books in my life. On my list of things to do, I also want to go through all ten boxes of photos and sort out the ones that should go to ex-husband. Then I want to go through and organize/catalogue all my Starsky & Hutch zines, my Professionals zines, X-Files and Star Trek and Harry/Johnny. Maybe if I handle them I will either read them or sell them. Also want to finish listening to all my music vids. Want to go through the binders full of homemade DVDs and itemize what is on them and maybe watch some of the stuff. I took photos of my Starsky & Hutch, Pros and Alex Krycek bears yesterday to upload to fen. There are not enough hours in the day. Tomorrow is surgery and I sure hope he told the truth about it being covered by insurance because I spent the money :-0
Lunch with Bea tomorrow..a caesar salad which can still throw off diet. I swing between days when I moan about too many calories and days when I worry that I am not eating enough. Never a bloody happy medium. Lots of chores on my list of things to do tomorrow. Heck I have to collate and file other journal entries to my main LJ. I have to go through my Facebook, my Tumblr and Pinterest. Writing a blurb on Dreamwidth is being knocked off first. Send photo of son to his father. Make up birthday card for friend. Water all the plants. The only thing I do not have to do is cook. :-). Kitchen floor is in dire need of washing. Weather is cool, we will take my car tomorrow and trust that whatever the surgeon does doesn't leave me woozy because I am driving. Alex Krycek is in the 16th comic so I shall stop to buy a copy tomorrow. Must upload photos from camera. Sometimes just writing down a list of things to do feels almost as productive as doing the work. That is the same problem I have with buying more books when I likely will not live long enough to read all of the new ones I have not yet read on my TBR pile. Like Scrooge McDuck swimming in his gold, I finger through my books, read lists of those read, organize library software of books owned and read, buy new books and put on lists of TBR, go through series I am collecting and look for upcoming books and put on lists. If I didn't love reading so much I would think I was procrastinating and avoiding reading :-*

I have been listening to Beth Cambre's Starsky & Hutch vids...she was so prolific...amazing. However, I realized that since I do not listen to radio, seldom watch television and never watch professional music videos that there are an incredible number of very good songs that I have never heard in my life. Beth Cambre and Mary Van Duesen and Barbara Phillips of Recycled Media Station and half a dozen others whose disks filled with vids I own, have introduced me to some really great music..many of which become earworms after I have watched them. This is another example of putting off picking up my book. It generally happens when I am so overwhelmed by all the things I want to do and can't quite relax enough to read so I write in journals or makes lists of things to I combined the two.
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