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09 November 2016
The world has officially gone crazy. Donald Trump is president of the USA. Time to crawl under the covers and ....maybe not...the ones who will hurt most from this choice are the idiots in the USA who actually voted for this racist, misogynist, lying, egotistical crook. He will take that country down the tubes and we will suffer a glancing blow in the process. I am absolutely sick and craving a large alcoholic drink for breakfast. I could not watch the end of the train wreck last night. First Brexit and now this. Why not just give ISIL the keys to the city and invite Putin for lunch and offer him his choice of states as a gift. My mind is blown and my gut is in knots. The world is a place of fear and loathing and Hunter Thompson must be rolling in his grave. Imaging Trump and his trashy wife and ugly goon sons in the white house representing the most powerful country in the world is an absolute nightmare. I almost cried myself to sleep last night at the thought that there are so many ugly, stupid people with the power to bring the world to its knees without a shot fired. Ted Nugent's stage performance grabbing his crotch and spitting vitriol is now the poster boy for politics in the United States and his portrait should hang over the entrance to the White House. I confess that this is really unlikely to have much of an effect on my life but as an outside viewer I feel incredibly sorry for 50% of the American people whose electoral system failed them spectacularly. I have not turned on the television so I do not know if the popular vote went to Hillary and the stupid way they have the electoral system put Trump out front but I would bet the farm that is the what happened. It is hanging chads all over again. North Carolina fucked with its voters not allowing many to actually vote, the FBI fucked with the voter's minds, Wikileaks founder put out lies, Putin and the Russians hacked the government and all this combined with every red neck racist do nothing coming out to shout his and her ignorance to the world has destroyed the USA's credibility in the eyes of the world. Shot themselves in the foot. Who can respect a country that knowingly elects someone so incompetent he has gone bankrupt five times? Their first lady is an opportunistic tramp, the sons are draft dodging killers of defenseless endangered animals who look like mafioso thugs. He surrounds himself with the worst of the Republican garbage like New Gingrich. Sane people in the USA must be weeping this morning. The markets are a mess but will correct and we will go on but the poor and helpless in the USA are now toast. All the gains by Obama will be lost within 4 years. The economy will tank, the fracking and pipe lines will destroy the land, the rich will get huge tax breaks and money will move off shore even faster. Women will lose rights, gays will lose rights, the poor will lose health care, children will go hungry, the cost of education will skyrocket and Trump will pick the pockets of the most vulnerable Americans until they bleed.


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