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Ken is still in hospital. Since December 7 he was in Toronto Western and on February 27th they moved him to a rehab hospital and gave him 75 days. He has lost a little over 100 pounds and losing weight has slowed and now that he can get himself into his wheelchair he is cheating at tuck shop in hospital. His legs still don't work so he cannot stand or walk. He went for a nerve test and the result is the nerves should regenerate but it will take till Christmas. That is also dependent on his continuing to lose weight and keep his blood sugars normal otherwise he doesn't have a prayer. He also has vertigo which interferes with physio. They are sending him home in 21 days and if he cannot make his legs and feet work he is helpless to live alone. I am beside myself. My other son has been sick with a cold in sinus and chest for three solid weeks with no end in sight because he works in a freezer so hard that he takes ten T-shirts to work to strip off as each gets soaked with sweat.

I just had emergency dental work on Saturday April 1st and fasted all weekend to let clot stay. My dog has had a form of diarrhea off and on for a month and it finally normalized two days ago.

I managed to lose 70 pounds on Atkins but lost momentum on December 7th and by Saturday April 1 had regained 25 solid pounds. Am trying again. Not spending any time on social media but I do check in if I get an email or a blog notification. I always answer my mail. Very strange that my sister has dropped off my radar in the last would think the older I get the more she would try to stay in touch often but it is the reverse.

I did the income taxes for the three of us and paid my bill (on a credit card). Then paid the dentist on a credit card. If I do not want to be in debt at end of the month I cannot afford to eat this entire month...blew entire budget on those two items plus getting Ashley groomed. That appointment was six months old and she was looking terrible so I did not cancel it to save money.

I am spending my days in the UK from 1900 to present day reading diaries, journals, biographies, autobiographies and letters of the tentacled monster that was Bloomsbury. It is like eating leads to another.

I am still watching NCIS, NCIS New Orleans, the tenth Dr. Who is on at midnight every day, Designated Survivor, Broadchurch, Saving Hope, Bull, X-Files and Buffy this past month.

Yesterday more bad news, Ken's tablet the only thing keeping him sane will not take a charge. His computer geek friend Craig is going to look for a cheap laptop for him and that will cost me. So I call him and he is depressed and now Craig writes that he is stressed. WTF?

I rented a car last month, how could I forget that? I drove with Brandon to Ken's and his place was disgusting...Brandon and I spent two hours filling garbage bags and swabbing the deck and we did not even make a dent. I took a lot of cleaning supplies so when Ken goes home and can supervise..I will pay some Extreme Clean company to go in and clean it. I am hoping CCAC will help him get the chair with wheels he needs to access his kitchen, the commode he needs now that he cannot get into his own bathroom, send in nurse to bandage his feet and someone to empty the commode and keep him clean. Tools, he needs tools to enable him to live alone without the use of his legs. It is a bloody nightmare.

Actually, with all that is going on I am actually doing very well and rolling with the punches and feeling pretty yay me.

Date: 2017-04-07 08:51 pm (UTC)
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Oh, gosh, I'm sorry that you're having to deal with this, and your son as well. All my best to you!

TV and the UK are great coping strategies, as I know from experience. *g*


Date: 2017-04-07 08:59 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] tarlanx
You seem to be having a hard time of it of late and I do hope things improve for you soon!


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