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It has been a strange and stressful few months. Bea was in Florida for a month and dog has stress colitis every time I am out of her site. My reaction to advice from her breeder and both my ex-husbands is negative in the extreme. Feels like pressure and/or criticism. So I have not been telling my troubles to anyone not even my Live Journal or Dreamwidth. I haven't checked Tumblr in months. I am still checking my Facebook every day and as a break from reading I do go and play on Pinterest. I cannot concentrate well enough for crosswords. Not playing solitaire or mahjong. My right wrist is still hurting after months...looks like this is a permanent affects my typing. Joined a book club and go on first Tuesday of every far so good. Not reading any fan fiction at all and my piles of zines fill me with guilt. Christmas went well and I am not wallowing in the dumps. I want to get back on my diet. It did not help that Fran made 40 pounds of fruitcake and gave me one...a full 4 pounds of deliciousness. As long as I do not drink I think I might be able to get back on track. I am terrified of crossing 200 pounds again. How can I encourage Ken to stay on diet if I am falling off daily. I ate every chocolate in the apartment in the month of March.
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