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Rain and chill week days with warm and sunny weekends...I can live with that. Sister finally wrote with more bad family news...sometimes I feel like we are both working off the bad karma from several past lives. Ash-Leigh is better but I find that she will not let go of her sickness schedule of going out every 2 1/2 hours. You can tell it is spring she is wearing a leash. Still spending my days with Nancy Mitford and her sisters, Harold Acton, James Lees-Milne, Lord Berners, Virginia Woolf, David Garnett, Emerald Cunard, Cecil Beaton, Stephen Tennant and Siegfried Sassoon to name but a few. So much nicer place to spend my time than to chance hearing any news about Trump. Reading a lot about the rise of fascism in various countries in Europe in the 20s and 30s and how it all began and how it worked and the different types and the leaders and their rhetoric and the similarities to Trump and his rise to power and the way he handles his position is positively eerie and scary. Like Scarlett O'Hara every day I tell myself I will think about it tomorrow and thank whatever gods there be that I am not an American. He is so ignorant that he actually thinks NAFTA is about trade. It is is about checks and balances on the world stage. I wish his people would wake up and smell the blood in the water. Television tonight is Designated Survivor...every time it comes on I tell myself I will not watch it because it is so distressing and god I hope that is not the normal way of business of government and terrifyingly believing that it is only too real and I don't want to know. On a lighter note there will be two episodes of Buffy. Still on diet and have lost ten pounds of the 25 I gained since Ken went into hospital. A social worker was supposed to visit yesterday and did not show up and neither did a doctor. And again today, no contact with anyone but nurses and no progress...just warehoused and time is flying and deadline of exit approaches. Bureaucracy is such a hateful gets you in its power and strangles progress.


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