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When Kira called on Friday to tell me Andy died and I was so shocked I don't remember the details very clearly. So I went on line to check how they determine time of death because he could have died any time between Sunday and yesterday or today (that part I missed when the cops broke down the door). I read about lividity and rigor and stuff like that. So then I went back to my book the final Dixie Hemingway and damned if within an hour I wasn't reading about her finding a body in a pool of blood and the lividity of his bare legs. Now this is book number ten in the series and not one of the previous books mentioned lividity in any context. So it is another instance of the weirdness that is my life.

I wrote the above note to myself (I am beginning to keep track of these oddities).

I finished the Blaize Clement series and had planned on reading Laurien Berenson’s Melanie Travis series so I started that series yesterday before Kira called. I am now on book number two in the series and all of a sudden it hit me…Andy and his wife bred standard poodles and I had one of his black poodles (I named him Starsky). Starsky’s was originally named Booberry and his sister Baaad To The Bone had a kennel name of Razzberry. Razzberry went on to get in the record books as having three champion offspring. Andy and Shan used the kennel name Khairoh and I was doing online research on it today before I went back to my book and realized that this series is all about Peg who breeds black standard poodles and Melanie her niece who is learning to show a black standard female Faith. I was reading along about what is involved in showing a dog, the ribbons, the judges, the care for hair and it hit me…more weirdness of timing in my life.

I just went back into the notebook that tells me when to breathe (I stole that from Donna Andrews’ character Meg) and found this entry from July 21st. I was reading Virginia Lowell’s Cookie Cutter series and eating a cookie and thinking about the bucket of Tiffany coloured fondant I had in the cupboard. I have never baked a cookie in my life and when I got the first novel in this series it just so happened my neighbour gave me a cookie cutter for Christmas (a tiny weirdness) was attached, to some tea towels she was buying for me, as a decoration. Off my own bat months later I bought myself a poodle cookie cutter because I have a poodle and when I got a cat I got a cat cutter. They sat on my fridge and I was hoping my store would have Pillsbury sugar cookie dough that I could roll out and test my cutters on…there was no thought in my mind of actually making my own dough. Anyway, I was just wondering if I could roll out fondant and use cutters on it just to see what it would look like and so I tried it and it worked a treat. Not only that but I got to use my mother’s rolling pin that I have had in drawer since 1993 and never used. I then did research on line with question and learned there is such a thing as fondant cutters but it said you could use cookie cutters too…which I did. Then I got to the final book in the series Dead Men Don’t Eat Cookies and on page 13 – dead man with what looks like a cookie cutter necklace I found and one of the ladies says “it is even smaller than a fondant cutter”. This is book six in the series and this is the first mention of fondant or fondant cutters – not ten minutes after I did a search about fondant cutters. I have had that bucket of fondant for almost two years and my cookie cutters almost as long and this was the first time I connected them in my mind..of course I had been reading cookie cutter mysteries and royal icing so the leap to doing something with my cookie cutters was not a leap but the rest of it….weirdness. I have so many instances of this…was it Jung who postulated the great unconsciousness in which we are all linked?

I have frequently joked that there are times I feel like my head is broadcasting and the world is picking my brain because as soon as I think of something…it appears on whatever I am reading or watching or listening to or someone mentions it.
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Do you believe it? Snowing all night and into this morning. Got 2-3 inches and it did not melt as it did in some areas.

It has been a few days and my life, as usual, has taken another turn. I was reading my way through my X-Files fan fiction and was half way through a story. I cannot remember if I said this before, at my age the memory is a soggy sponge. On a Sunday I tuned in to Blood Ties, the vampire tv series based on Tanya Huff's books and it was the pilot and it gave me a taste for finding the book and reading it. So far I am half way through book four. I will likely go on.
It is unlikely I will go back to X-Files anytime soon this year. Next year is another story...we shall see. I sent feedback to Tarlan, Aries and Josan, and finally made contact with Sleeps With Coyotes and told all of them I had reread their stories and still loved them and found out that all of them have left fandom and got a life. I am the oldest of them all and retired with time on my hands and they are all leading incredibly busy lives but all were kind to the old pest.

Diet is back on track, down 32 pounds. Life is good and will be better when the snow melts and goes away and stays away. I want to see flowers.

Spent an entire morning this week reading up on Game of Thrones. My eldest son is hooked on it and wants me to come and watch a marathon. I watched something in the first season and it was dark and they killed off Sean Bean and I don't get HBO. I bought him the books and said thanks but no thanks. Then I took one of those Buzzfeed tests and accidentally chose Jon Snow as part of my persona and it would not let me change it because it was the last question. So, of course, I went to search and see who Jon Snow was...and so I went to google. Interesting stuff, I read up on all the characters and story lines and how the books differ from the show. Great over view of the show and now I don't have to watch it but will understand comments about the show and when spoilers show up on blogs I will know what they are talking about.

Spending a fortune on TV channels and find nothing I want to watch. Thank god for books. There is not enough time in my day. My list of things to do is huge. I am so suggestible. Dr. Who #9 first two episodes were on a few days ago and I immediately wanted a marathon. I have the disks and I was so tempted but I also wanted to rewatch my Pros disks, I want to finish the Tanya Huff books, I need to enter all of the new books I have bought into my library software, I want to watch the new disks of Firefly, I should go swimming, I want to collate all my emails between my sister and I, I want to download all my Live Journal entries. I am five months behind...and I do not trust websites....everything dies or disappears and it would bloody break my heart if my journals vanished overnight. Live Journal is now owned by Russia...who knows what they will do. I was one of the first adopters of Live Journal which meant I had it free for life but I still paid to have that confirmed for sure because I poured my heart into it. I am very verbose. Stream of consciousness sort of stuff unless I am upset and then my rants have a purpose. Live Journal is for those sorts of rants and anything else my grasshopper brain throws up. My emails are always long, my journal entries are always long. I wish I was a writer, I love writers but I cannot plot, I am too long winded, too much information.

I have to learn how to use Ebay and Paypal so I can sell some of my Starsky & Hutch memorabilia, my Conan comic collection, some of my Elvis stuff. I must downsize. There used to be charities that would take gently used teddy bears but these days with germaphobia rampant you cannot get a home for much loved bears. I will keep mine and my son can pitch them in the garbage after I am gone. Records and record player.

Will shut up now. NCIS is on...and Gibbs is a cutie.


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